Course curriculum

    1. 2.0 Introduction

    2. 2.1 What Exactly Is Leadership?

    3. 2.2 Organisations Inside Out

    4. 2.3 Leadership vs Management

    5. 2.4 Quick Win Cheat Sheet

    6. 2.5 Test Yourself on Leadership Fundamentals

    1. 3.0 Introduction

    2. 3.1 How Your Mind Really Works

    3. 3.2 Decision-Making for Managers

    4. 3.3 Build Emotional Resilience

    5. 3.4 Balance Work And Rest

    6. 3.5 Work On Purpose

    7. 3.6 Find Your Purpose

    8. 3.7 Use Your Super-Power

    9. 3.8 Do You Know How Your Mind Works?

    1. 4.0 Introduction

    2. 4.1 Build a Compelling Vision

    3. 4.2 Inspire to Influence

    4. 4.3 Building Integrity

    5. 4.4 Work with Disagreement

    6. 4.5 Communicate with Impact

    7. 4.6 Engage Your People

    8. 4.7 How Do You Keep The Energy Flowing?

    1. 5.0 Introduction

    2. 5.1 Delegate Effectively

    3. 5.2 Create the Culture You Want

    4. 5.3 Build a Powerful Strategy

    5. 5.4 Stop Telling Start Coaching

    6. 5.5 Navigating VUCA

    7. 5.6 Leaders as Servants

    8. 5.7 Delivering Value

    9. 5.8 Boundaries and Responsiblities

    10. 5.9 How Do You Practise Great Leadership?

    1. 6.0 Introduction

    2. 6.1 Better Meetings

    3. 6.2 Recruitment Strategies

    4. 6.3 Styles of Leadership

    5. 6.4 Personal Development Secrets

About this course

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  • 41 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Social proof: testimonials

“Love this course! Chris breaks down key principles and insights that can be applied across all sectors. Really glad I got to learn from this valuable course - I've taken away some great lessons.”

Carl Konadu

“Excellent course ! Chris Pearse has a very special talent. He presents his vast experience and ideas in a clear and concise manner. All of the course content is relevant and applicable to the challenges of business leadership.”

Christopher Lamb

“Great course about leadership. Seems like teacher is telling you simple things, yet they are eye-opening. Course makes clear what leader should focus on and what their values should be.”

Dmitry Bogomolov

“A refreshing view on Leadership! Most courses out there will get too deep in the jibber-jabber of self development and lifestyle, or just stay at the management level. This course goes further and gives you a great approach to the more operational stuff within Leadership; without trying to tell you how to live your life. Thanks Chris!”

Cargofive LDA

“Great course with clear and concise explanations.”

John Adeshola

“Chris has developed a good course which highlights some of the wider management and leadership principles. An enjoyable course, which I would recommend to those new to the management role.”

Mark O'Brien

“I absolutely loved it. It clearly presents the difference between leadership and management, and the importance of mind, both conscious and subconscious, mindfulness, and how to maintain emotional stability and resilience. Leadership development usually focuses on tactics and moves that can be described as “rearranging the furniture”, but do not go deeper into the development of leadership through working with one’s identity, mind, emotions and perception. Thank you, Chris Pearse, for a wonderful course.”

Milena Babic

“A good insight into the volatility of people, organisation and business, might just nip down stairs and see if I can fix someone. I have also seen businesses struggle to grow when the owner won't let go and trust the team to get on. A positive mental attitude helps a long way not only for you but the people around you.”

Glenn Aitchison

“Chris gives practical, actionable tips that you can put into action, changing your own behaviours and improving your leadership skills. The best thing about this course is that Chris gives insights into HOW the brain works and WHY the techniques he's suggesting work. I've always found it easier to learn things when someone explains the why. Chris delivers all the content largely verbally, so I was able to listen while walking along the beach in the fresh air. Which is a bonus in these times of covid lockdowns!”

Gerry Lawrence

“Chris explains complex management challenges clearly, anyone who has been a senior manager will recognise the topics and agree with the views of Chris, anyone about to manage a team would do benefit from viewing.”

Ray Black



Course Director

I’ve been lucky to have run teams and companies both in the UK and overseas, giving me first-hand experience of the challenges of leadership. I’ve written for Forbes and published a book on the subject. And having worked in leadership development for over 15 years I have plenty to share on what good leadership looks like. Today, my mission is to accelerate the development of leadership for CEOs, Directors, Owners, Entrepreneurs and Senior Managers, moving them beyond the thinking and beliefs that constrain their personal and professional growth, to a world of clarity, insight and wisdom. Over the course of my career I've become deeply interested in the dynamics of leadership. Leading a successful team or organisation requires an understanding of people that can only come through self-knowledge. Without it, the responsibilities of senior management can be overwhelming. To bring about not just change, but transformation, requires a steadfast focus on one's inner world. This is where the levers of change lie. And in accelerating inner change, outer change becomes inevitable. This is Leadership ]Inside Out[

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